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Truck Bed Mattresses


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Truck Bed Air Mattresses

Truck bed mattresses are similar to traditional air mattresses but are generally made of more durable materials and are shaped to fit specific sizes and shapes of truck beds. They’re ideal for anyone who would like to sleep in their truck bed, but they can also be used conveniently in SUV’s, tents, or in the home.

Most truck bed mattresses feature durable 2-stage boat valves, which are more durable that the plugs or pinch valves used on most air mattresses, and come with a hand or battery-operated pump.   

Prices range from 50 to 100 dollars depending size, shape and specific features.  Some truck bed mattresses are sold for specific makes and models of trucks, but if such is not the case for your particular vehicle, be sure to measure your truck bed carefully before shopping.


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