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Truck Tent Features:

Truck tents come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes.  First and most obvious to buy one you need to know the size and dimensions of your pickup truck bed.  Most people rattle off a description of their truck with something that includes the "cab"  quad cab, king cab...that never matters, it's the bed size that counts.  Know the measurements of the box with the tailgate up.

A major difference in truck tents is the tent floor.  Some tents have sewn in floors other have no floors or an optional tent floor.  If a truck tent has an integrated or sewn in tent floor, before you set it up you will have to unload everything from the bed.  This can be inconvenient.  Tents without a sewn in floor can be set up on the back of a pickup, leaving all the gear in the truck.  Also tents without floors are easier to clean up.  The hardest part of a tent to clean is the floor.  Truck tents without a floor simply sweep out.  Camp-Right offers an optional Accessory 101 that can be used as a tent floor if your truck bed is cruddy.  Simply clip it onto the edges and it's ready to go.

Look at the instructions of the tent you are buying.  Some truck tents have instructions that are eleven pages long, other offer simper installation with one page.

Tent poles.  Some truck tents have poles that all look alike except maybe they are slightly different lengths.  It's easy to put the wrong pole in the wrong place.  Look for color coded poles and matching pole pockets for easy set up.

And finally, when you're done with your tent, will it fit in the stuff sack.  Believe it or not some of the top selling truck tents can't even be packed back into the stuff sacks they come in.  Large generous sized stuff sacks really make tearing down camp much more enjoyable since your tent is easier to fold and put away.

Every Camp-Right truck tent has these features:

Tent is white on top with dark gray bottom.  Rain fly is light gray.

This tent provides the most interior room of any truck tent on the market.

Color coded poles and pole pockets for easy set up.

One page instructions with photos printed on durable plastic.

Instruction page pocket sewn inside storage bag for easy access.

Full length pole pockets for easy assembly.

Only four poles for quick set up. (no interior poles)

Separate pole storage sack with drawstring.

Sets up on truck bed with or without gear underneath. (No need to unload truck first).

Vinyl coated hooks to protect truck finish.

Sets up with tailgate down for larger interior room.

Color coded straps for easy set up. Black exterior straps, green interior front, red interior back.

Interior tie down straps can be attached to truck bed cleats; or fastened together and/or rear bumper for various set up options.

Interior tie straps can be used with included hooks or straps depending on your truck bed cleats.

truck tent inner straps

large interior room Camp-Right truck tent

(Pictured above right, electric lantern. Gas not recommended).

Large dual zippered door with storm flap with no see-um screen.

Two large dual zippered side windows with storm flaps and no see-um screen.

Large front sleeve with draw string that can open into rear slider window for access to cab.

Four large interior side pockets for stashing gear.

Six interior loops and hooks for hanging lanterns, laundry etc.

Large stylized sky-view, vent panel for better air circulation.  Prevents condensation while sleeping.  Allows more light into the tent.

Deep zipper flaps and quality zippers to prevent zipper snags and keep water out.

Night-glow zipper pulls so you can easily find zippers at night with flashlight.

Oversized stuff sack with drawstring so anyone can fold and repack tent easily in minutes.

Included Rain Fly:

Two large clear window panels, so you can see out even in the rain.

truck tent rain fly truck tent sky view vent

Large front sleeve integrates with front tent sleeve for cab access (also use this sleeve for easy orientating fly position for set up).

Extra long for full door coverage

Dual zippered door access.

Deep zipper flap and quality zipper to prevent zipper snags

Easy side release buckles for quick set up. Attaches to matching buckles on tent pole pockets.

2 year warranty on material and workmanship on the tent. 120 day warranty on the poles.