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Truck and SUV Tents


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SUV Tents

SUV tents differ from traditional tents in that one side is designed to attach securely to the cargo area of your Sports Utility Vehicle, minivan, or truck, in order to expand your livable space while camping and provide easy access to your vehicle’s interior.   Many models are designed to be used as “stand-alone” tents as well, giving you more flexibility when camping, including the ability to drive away from your campsite.

Similar to traditional ground tents, SUV tents vary in price depending on features.  Generally, a quality dome SUV tent starts at around $200 or around $300 for a 10’ x 10’ model that sleeps six and includes a vestibule area for extra gear.  However, some brands offer 10’ x 10’ models for as little as $120.  So many options means shopping around is essential.  Just be sure to measure the circumference of your vehicle’s cargo area opening before you do; it’s the best way to ensure the correct size.



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