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  Why Buy Our Truck Tents:
  • Largest interior room
  • More height for easier dressing
  • sets up out over the tailgate for added length.
  • Sets up in minutes with four easy to use color coded poles and pole pockets. 
  • the sky view vent lets air circulate and cab access sleeve allows 12v fan and light cords.
  • Four large interior gear pockets, "d" rings and light hanger hook are for stowing gear and convenient lamp placement.
  • Heavy duty nylon fender hooks and cargo snaps hold the tent in place and won't mar the finish of your truck. The straps are also color coded for easy set up.
  • You camp high and dry inside Camp-Right.  The rain fly comes completely down over the tent and will protect you in the most terrible rain storms.  Only Camp-Right offers clear vinyl rain fly windows.
  • We consider every last detail.  The zipper pulls have light reflecting chords, easy to see at night.  Dual zipper pulls on the screen door and window and door storm flaps.  The one page instruction sheet is heavy plastic sewn into the stuff sack so you can't loose it and it won't melt in water. Included in the stuff sack compartment is spare material incase your tent gets a nick.  The stuff sack is extra large which means you can easily stow Camp-Right tents no matter how you fold them.
  • SUV Tents
  • Truck Bed Mattresses

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Choose Your Tent Size (sizing guide)

Truck Tent standard size 6.5 foot bed $199 Buy Now
Truck Tent full size long bed 8 foot $199 Buy Now
Truck Tent Avalanche, Cadillac EXT $199 Buy Now
Truck Tent full size crew cab 5.5 foot $199 Buy Now
Truck Tent compact 6 foot $199 Buy Now



Truck tents are quickly becoming a popular accessory for truck and car owners who love to camp, and who would rather take advantage of the space and comfort afforded to them by their existing vehicle, rather than hassle with the often cumbersome and uncomfortable task of setting up and sleeping in a traditional tent.   

Truck tents are available in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on your vehicle type, size, and your personal camping preferences.  For roughly the price of a hotel room, you can purchase a truck tent that can be used almost anywhere, anytime and can usually be set up in less than 20 minutes!

Truck Tent Options

The traditional truck tent, designed for pickups, provides additional warmth and protection from moisture than the traditional tent because it slides over the edge of the truck bed and allows campers to sleep off the ground. 

The SUV/van tent wraps around the entire cargo area of the SUV/van allowing extra space for even more sleepers and easy access to rear of the SUV or van.

Models are also available for vehicles in just about any car class; they attach not to a traditional cargo area, but to after-market roof racks (rather than the actual roof of your vehicle).  Once attached, they can be opened in minutes by cranking a simple handle.

Truck tents also come in simpler models that attach to sport vehicles with a rear lift-gate that already has an enclosed roof.  The tents provide a weather-protected rear vestibule area to allow campers to take advantage of the excess space an open rear lift-gate provides.

Truck Tent Cost

Prices on all tents range from roughly $150 to $600 or more; depending on size, as well as features like hinged awnings and detachable tent portions that can be left at the campsite while campers venture out in their vehicles.  Because of increasing popularity, prices also vary by vendor, so it pays to shop around.

Before you buy, there are several key features to consider.

-          Poles:  Older models require poles both inside and outside the tent.  Better designs have fewer poles and pole sleeves are color coordinated to make set-up easier.

-          Ventilation:  Look for top ventilation to let out moisture and provide better lighting during the day.

-          Floors:  Some truck tents have sewn-in floors.  Others have no floors or an optional/zip-out tent floor.  Chose the type thatís best for you.

-          Truck size:  Know the length of your bed, and measure the bed with the tailgate up; many of the same truck models have different size bed.